I took your notes and applied them :) 
I'm not sure what version I prefer color wise, but I think having the mother in the window is probably a better idea. 
you can click on the images to make them bigger :) 
I'll need to do some final color tweaking eventually, but I think any of these is good enough for now :)

the only thing is that the woman doesn't really work as a silhouette (maker her look like a dildo with eyes...) so there is a slight reveal of the character on the cover, but I don't mind it at all. 

well this went a bit quicker than I expected! which is always good :) 
I had to make some changes because I Didn't like how the mother vampire was just a blob in silhouette form. 

So I thought why not add two bats? makes everything a bit cuter too, I think.

I also couldn't get Toby (the cat) right, made the composition a bit unbalanced, so sadly he won't be featured on the cover. :(

I might eventually tweak the colors a bit here and there, but I think this is good enough for now

what do you think?  
heeeey Alex 

so I really liked that idea you threw out there with the flashlight. 
this still needs a lot of work, and it's very badly photoshopped at the moment.

I think having some windows on the side will be a good idea and I'll definitely remove that whole black mess happening in the top. 

the colors obviously need a lot of work too. 

unless you have any huge concerns I think this one could work rather well as a kids book cover :)

since there will probably a lot to look at in the near future, a dedicated page for you :) 

you've seen it already, but here are the characters again
these are still in a very rough state, and colors are definitely a work in progress. 
they're mostly just idea's actually. there's some notes under the images. 
01: my favorite I think. I've also made a tonne of variations on the idea which I've put below. 

02: this is an edited version of an earlier drawing I did, I really like the idea, but maybe not the most inviting cover? 

03: slightly based on one of the pages in the book. I thought it would be a good idea to have an option witch mina fully on the cover. 
so i made quite a few variations on the first cover, lot's of options here. maybe there's one that wou think might work better. 
that's it :)
feel free to give me any thoughts you have!