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Hey! How’s it going? It’s been a while, I’ve been stupid busy the past months doing a lot of book covers, and this is one of them. The first in a three part series actually!  I’ve also drawn a bunch of interior illustrations for the book


Pirate Academy - New kid on Deck

The year is 2507. The oceans have risen. A new dawn of piracy has begun. Jacoby Blunt and Jasmine Peacock are students at the elite Pirate Academy. This is no ordinary school! Lessons range from Knots Class and Sailing to Combat Workshop… The teachers are all pirate legends... The pressure is always on.... Friendship is everything. When a new kid, the mysterious Neo Splice, arrives, everything changes FAST. Suddenly the dangers are no longer simply out on the oceans but right here, amongst them. In the face of real peril, the students of Barracuda class must put everything they have learned to the test against a ruthless and seemingly unstoppable new enemy. Welcome to Pirate Academy - once you step through the door you won't ever want to leave!

Written by Justin Somper
Published by UClan
Out on 7 march 2024

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